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Venu : Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
Match Time : Sat, Nov 30, 1:30 PM ET

About The Game

The No. 5 Alabama Crimson Tide hope to get back in the blend for the College Football Playoff as they take on the No. 15 Auburn Tigers in the 2019 Iron Bowl. The Crimson Tide (10-1) sit in runner up in the SEC West at 6-1, while the Tigers (8-3) are tied for third in the division with Texas A&M at 4-3. Saturday's opening shot from Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn is set for 3:30 p.m. ET, and Alabama drives the untouched arrangement 46-36-1.

No. 5 Alabama (10-1) goes to Jordan-Hare Stadium to confront No. 16 Auburn (8-3) in the most recent portion of the Iron Bowl. This is the Crimson Tide's last opportunity to intrigue the College Football Playoff board of trustees. Game time is planned for 3:30 p.m. on CBS.

Alabama stays in the Playoff discuss however won't have the advantage of playing in the SEC title game. Reinforcement quarterback Mac Jones supplanted harmed starter Tua Tagovailoa this week, and the edge of triumph will be over-dissected if the Crimson Tide can pull this unique case.

Auburn is fight tried, having played three games against top-10 adversaries. Auburn lost each of the three of those games, however this is an opportunity for first year recruit quarterback Bo Nix to take a portion of the ever-present warmth off mentor Gus Malzahn.

Why Alabama Will Win

The attention will be on QB Mac Jones and in the event that he can deal with the spotlight of the greatest round of his life, however he doesn't need to take every necessary step.

The Auburn protective front is incredible, and everything necessary is a small piece of achievement on the ground to be gainful.

Florida had the option to run for four yards for every convey, and LSU had the option to do that, as well. Georgia approached, averaging 3.9 yards per pop – that is all only enough to get a smidgen of control against a group that has to claim third downs and get its resistance off the field.

This isn't too hard – Auburn is going to stack up to stop Najee Harris and the running match-up to power Jones to come through. He doesn't need to bomb away, and he doesn't need to be Tua Tagovailoa. He simply needs to get the show on the road to his tip top getting corps and let the stars wrap up.

Harris has burst into flames at the perfect time, running for nine touchdowns in his last five games. He took over in the misfortune to LSU, he's been making plays as a recipient, and he's had a light enough burden all through the season to be more than prepared to be the workhorse.

With this Bama line, simply continue pounding, and pounding, and pounding. Against Auburn, controlling the clock is certainly not an awful thing for a Bama group used to lightning strikes.

Helping the reason is a barrier that probably won't be the enemy of earlier years, yet it removes the ball in bundles with at least two of every seven games. Against an Auburn offense that doesn't score against the fair safeguard, only two takeaways may end this.

Why Auburn Will Win

Jones got in his scrimmages against Arkansas and Western Carolina – finishing a joined 28-of-34 goes for 510 yards and six touchdowns without any picks – yet, this will be a small piece unique.

At the point when tossed into the fire against Tennessee, he was a walker 6-of-11 for 72 yards, and didn't push it such much – or lead the path to a large number of scoring drives – against Mississippi State when Tagovailoa went out. At last, Bo Nix is in a major event in the street of the hard veteran.

Auburn's actual first year recruit battled in the success over Oregon. He battled in the misfortune to Florida. He battled in the misfortune to LSU. In any case, in every one of the three games, he continued pushing, and he had the option to concoct a couple of enormous tosses to have any kind of effect.

In each of the three games, the Tigers were alive late regardless of getting a harsh excursion from their quarterback. This isn't the Auburn offense under Gus Malzahn that many may like, yet the general equation is successful.

In seven of his last nine games – the misfortunes to Florida and LSU the exceptions – he has hit 60% or a greater amount of his passes. Similarly as significant, he tossed an aggregate of six picks against Oregon, Florida and LSU, and none against every other person.

He's sinking into the activity – beating Jake Fromm in the misfortune to Georgia – and thinking of a couple of staggering games against Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

What's more, presently he gets the chance to turn it free. It is conceivable to toss on Bama. South Carolina's Ryan Hilinski had the option to do it, as was Texas A&M's Kellen Mond.

Joe Tunnel most likely won the Heisman by tossing for 393 yards and three scores against the Tide. Nix doesn't need to be uncommon. He simply must be alright, and his protection needs to wrap up.

What’s Going To Happen

So what’s the real score coming into this game?

Obviously Alabama versus Auburn is a major mammoth arrangement regardless, yet the genuine inquiry on a national scale isn't about who wins; it's about how much Bama can win by. It's four-best-group time for the Tide.

It won't be sufficient to get by with a strong 16-13 street prevail upon the most outstanding opponent. They need to create an impression in their last possibility, and that implies they need to win this convincingly, and they need to keep their foot on the gas for an entire an hour on the off chance that they can. They need to look like it.

Also, they're going to approach, regardless of whether the last score doesn't reflect it. Auburn's resistance presently can't seem to permit in excess of 24 on the year, and it's most certainly not going to get gouged now.

The remainder of the Bama astound pieces will ascend and be more keen without Tagovailoa accessible in the defining moment. The running match-up won't go off, however it'll be viable, and Jones will be okay. The guard will be its ordinary strong self on third downs, and drive after Auburn drive will slow down.

This probably won't be a sufficient success to push out Utah in the event that it turns into the 12-1 Pac-12 champ, or even a 12-1 Major 12 boss. It'll give the School Football Season finisher advisory group something to consider, however.


Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL

On November 19, 2005, the playing field at the stadium was named in honor of former Auburn coach and athletic director Pat Dye. The venue is now known as Pat Dye Field at Jordan–Hare Stadium. The stadium reached its current seating capacity of 87,451 with the 2004 expansion and is the 10th largest stadium in the NCAA. By the end of the 2006 season, it was estimated that 19,308,753 spectators had attended a football game in Jordan–Hare. Jordan–Hare Stadium regularly makes lists of the best gameday atmospheres and most intimidating places to play.


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