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Lab TechnicianIn this section you can find general information about pathogens under regional surveillance, clinical specimen collection and transportation guidelines for use by health care providers and public health professionals in CARPHA member countries.

Test Directory  Specimen Collection Guidelines

Laboratory Testing Services

This section outlines investigations offered by all the departments of the laboratory.
These guidelines are applicable for routine specimen referrals.

Please note: Potential outbreaks are managed on a case by case basis following contact with the Laboratory and Epidemiology divisions for further guidance.

All specimens referred for serological testing assays should:

  • Have a minimum volume of 1.0 ml.
  • Be maintained at temperatures within the range of 40C to -200C.
  • Be contained in appropriate vials that do not exceed the dimensions of 1.5 cm diameter and 4.7 cm in height e.g. Nunc vial. Only vials with external threads should be used.