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Specimen Types, Diagnostic Methods and Turnaround Times

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Disease/Aetiologic Agent Comment Specimen Methods Turnaround Time (Days)
Campylobacter Performed at CARPHA for countries without testing capability Isolate in Cary Blair media|Stool Culture and biochemical tests 7
Chicken pox (varicella) Please contact CARPHA submission of specimens
(Sent to CARPHA's Reference Laboratory)
Serum|Vesicle swab IgG ELISA|PCR 14 - 21
Chikungunya Performed at CARPHA for outbreaks Acute serum (collected 1-4 days from onset) PCR 7
Chlamydia infection Please contact CARPHA before submission of specimens
(Sent to CARPHA's Reference Laboratory)
Vaginal discharge in transport media PCR 14 - 21
Cholera - Initial laboratory testing in country,
- CARPHA: referral for further testing
Isolate in maintenance media|Stool in Cary Blair media Confirmation|Serotyping 7
Ciguatera poisoning - -
Congenital syphilis Contact CARPHA - Testing to be decided based on the elimination algorithm Serum Latex agglutination -