CARPHA Research

CARPHA’s wide-ranging functions will advance the public health agenda in the region while making a valuable and co-ordinated contribution to the knowledge and resources of the international health community.

  • Leadership in Defining, Developing and Adapting Effective Public Health Interventions
  • Surveillance and Health Analysis
  • Research, Policy Development and Evaluation
  • Information, Education and Communication including an Annual Report on the State of Public Health in the Caribbean
  • Laboratory Reference Services, Standards and Networks
  • Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordination
  • Human Resources Development and Training
  • Building Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization for Priority Public Health Issues
  • Monitoring Relevant Global Agreements

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Past Research

CARPHA’s work in public health rests on the pillars of five former Regional Health Institutes, each of which made a significant contribution to development in the Caribbean. Their work is available through their publications on:

  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health Research
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Testing