Shipping Exempt Substances

Human or animal specimens (patient specimens) for which there is minimal likelihood that pathogens are present are not subject to these Regulation if the specimen is transported in a packaging which will prevent any leakage and which is marked with the words “Exempt human specimen” or “Exempt animal specimen”, as appropriate.

NOTE: An element of professional judgment is required to determine if a substance is exempt. That judgment should be based on the known medical history, symptoms and individual circumstances of the source, human or animal, and endemic local conditions.

Requirements for Packaging and Shipping Exempt Substances

Packaging Requirements

  • Primary container is leakproof
  • Secondary container is leakproof
  • Outer container is of adequate strength for its capacity, mass and intended use, and with at least one surface having minimum dimensions of 100 mm × 100 m

Markings and Labels

  • Shipper's name and address
  • Receiver's name and address
  • Package marked with "Exempt human specimen" or "Exempt animal specimen" as applicable
  • None required (unless shipping with Dry Ice)


  • Airway Bill
  • CARICOM Invoice
  • Import/Export permit (as applicable)

Note: Dangerous Goods Declaration Form is not required, even when shipping with Dry Ice