Shipping Category B Infectious Substances

The triple packaging system continues to apply, including for local surface transport. However, testing documents are not required and it may be possible to source packaging locally rather than finding an authorized supplier, provided that the packaging manufacturer and the shipper can comply fully with the requirements of Packaging Instruction PI 650.

Requirements for Packaging and Shipping Category B Substances

Packaging Requirements

  • Primary container is leakproof
  • Secondary container is leakproof
  • Outer container is rigid
  • Either Primary or Secondary container is Pressure tested at 95kPa
  • Drop tested from 1.2 m

Markings and Labels

  • Shipper's name and address
  • Receiver's name and address
  • Proper Shipping Name and UN Number
  • None required (unless shipping with Dry Ice)


  • Airway Bill
  • CARICOM Invoice
  • Import/Export permit (as applicable)

Note: Dangerous Goods Declaration Form is not required, even when shipping with Dry Ice

Triple Packaging System for Category B Infectious Substance

Example of Triple Packaging System for the packaging and labeling of Category B, Infectious Substance