Researcher in LibraryOur research is a co-ordinated contribution to the knowledge and resources of the international health community.

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Public Health Activities

Thinking about Nutrition

Communicable diseases

CARPHA is equipped to investigate and manage communicable diseases through its security laboratories, a variety of specialized units such as an experimental mosquito colony, several epidemiological databases that are maintained within a LAN infrastructure and an active preventive maintenance unit.

Non-Communicable Diseases

As a public health agency, CARPHA is involved in addressing the prevalence of non-communicable (NCD) or chronic diseases, which account for the majority of deaths and illnesses in the Region. The NCD epidemic causes enormous human suffering and also impacts negatively on human development in both social and economic realms. Diseases of concern are hypertension, diabetes, obesity—especially childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancers such as cervical carcinoma

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Support and Services

Laboratory TechnicianCARPHA’s specialised laboratories provide support for the surveillance, prevention, promotion and control of important public health problems in the Region.

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